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Variable frequency chiller

Variable frequency chiller

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1. Low noise, the noise can be as low as 30% of the fixed-frequency compressor.

2. Environmental protection, using R410A refrigerant, environmental protection and no pollution.

3. System optimization: the water tank is increased by 50%, and the internal and external circulation dual pump system can be selected.

4. Accurate temperature control, energy saving and emission reduction, water tank increased by 50%, internal and external circulation dual pump system can be selected.

5. It is equipped with linkage (RS485), MODBUS is adopted for communication protocol, and it is easy to connect with various human-machine interfaces, PLC, industrial computers and notebook computers.

Brief introduction:

1. A special controller designed with a single chip microprocessor.

2. The combination of P.. D Temperature control technology makes temperature control more precise.

3. Simple operation, more complete function.

4. On-line function (RS485), MODBUS communication protocol, easy to connect with various man-machine interfaces, PLC and laptop.


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