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Recently, the company pays attention to industrial automation and recycling and reuse projects, and increases investment in technology and quality management. We welcome all elites and partners to join our family.

Education: Junior college/higher vocational college

Job Description:

1. Cooperate with the design supervisor to draw mechanical drawings as required;

2. Responsible for the maintenance of product BOM and the issuance of ERP system of production materials.

Skill requirements: college degree or above in mechanical, mechanical and electrical;

Proficient in CAD, Solidworks and other drawing software, with independent drawing ability;

Familiar with office software.

Education: Junior college/higher vocational college

Job Description:

1. Responsible for product maintenance and non-standard product design, participate in cost quotation accounting and material BOM output;

2. Solve technical problems in product production and assembly;

3. Prepared relevant technical documents;

1. Major in machinery or mechatronics;

2. Proficient in CAD, Solidworks and other design software;

3. Proficient in office software;

4. More than two years relevant working experience.


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